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Date: Saturday 5th August 2022
Venue: Callala Bay Junior Sailing School
Time: 11.00 am
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The last race event was the final set of Sprints races for the season, with Richard Pryor and John Anderson on duty. Conditions were ideal with a shifty, fluky WNW wind of 5-10 knots gusting to 15 knots at times, and with shifts to the West and back again. The delightful short course allowed 5 races of 15 minutes duration to be run. There were 8 competitors, with 4 club members and 4 guests: => Bill Jauncey (Spiral), Peter Eslick (Spiral), Michael Fairbairn (Finn) and Andy Wharton (Laser). There were some 'ding-dong' tussles between the 2 Lasers and the Finn, and between the 4 Spirals. After applying yardsticks, Peter Eslick (Spiral) won the first three races, and Andy Wharton (Laser) the final two. Michael Fairbairn (Finn) got three second places, and Merve Lotze (Spiral) two second places. For the club members, Merv Lotze (Spiral) won 4 Races, and Bain Painter one race. The second and third club member places were won by Bain Painter (Laser) and Mike Robbins (Spiral)

The Overall Preliminary/Draft Place-getters in the Sprints Series for the season with 17 of 23 races to count is Merv Lotze (Spiral) FIRST with Richard Pryor (Laser Radial) in SECOND place, and Bain Painter (Laser) in THIRD place, and with Greg Thornton (Laser Radial) in 4th and Damien Bates (Finn) in 5th place.

The Overall Preliminary/Draft Place-getters in the Season Championship Series Results for 8 of 11 races to count (75% rounded down; 3 drops) is FIRST: TIED on 532 points => Merv Lotze and Damien Bates (Finn), THIRD: David Ginty (RS Aero), FOURTH: Jacob Bates (Spiral), FIFTH: Richard Pryor (Laser Radial).

The Overall Preliminary/Draft Place-getters in the Season Pointscore Series is Damien Bates (Finn) FIRST [581 points], with David Ginty (Aero 7) second [577 points] SECOND, Merv Lotze Spiral) THIRD [519 points] and Richard Pryor (Laser Radial) fourth [511 points].

The next Race is the First of the Frostbite Sprints Races for the season with Richard Pryor nominated for duty. It will probably be a Sprints event which is a lot of fun and gives everyone a lot of starts and short races.

- these events continue on the first Saturday in July, August & September, with 2 extra practice races in mid-Septmber leading up the to season start on the October holiday weekend regatta, 30 Sept- 1 Oct 2023.

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Note: Jervis Bay Sailing Club is now an accredited Discover Sailing Centre after a successful review by Craig Ferris of Australia Sailing on 13 December 2021. This provides the foundation for the learn to sail program being run by the club beginning in January (please contact Geoff Carne for details) - see Contacts

Note: The Program/Calendar for 2021/ 2023 is now shown on the website. The Handicap Starts for this event are also on the website.

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Please advise the Committee for any changes you know of so that the Program can be kept up-to-date.

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SAILPASS - Non-members can apply for temporary membership with JBSC to get a Sail Pass, usually for a day.

SailPass is a temporary membership class that enables crew to join JBSC for a day. Sail Pass provides applicants with an Australian Sailing Number and personal accident insurance cover and meets the requirements of Rule 46 of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 - 2024 for skippers and crew. It also covers non-sailing crew on the start boat and those who assist the club as Covid-19 marshalls and helpers in other ways. All participants at JBSC, on every day, must have current membership or a Sail Pass, and a current Australian Sailing Number.


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Note:Memberships for the 2023-2024 season are due from July 2023:

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Note: A new membership category of 'Associate' has been added for $55 per year. Associate Members (and Crew only Members) shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club other than the right to hold office, vote at the annual general meeting, or vote at committee meetings. Those that take this option need to fill out the membership form and join as an “Associate” (circle on the form). Associate Members / Crew members do not have the right to enter a yacht in events conducted by the Club. However, a yacht entered by a Full Member, may be skippered by a registered Crew Member, provided the Full Member is on board. Crew Members will be registered as Australian Sailing card holders (SIN) by the club, to satisfy the 46 PERSON IN CHARGE rule, and would be covered by personal accident insurance provided by Australian Sailing. Casual crew are encouraged to join the club as Full or Crew Members, after they have sailed three races as guest crew in a season. Crew who are financial members of other clubs, and have a current SIN, are not necessarily required to join the club, but it is encouraged, if they crew regularly. Associate members do not sail but enjoy the social benefits of the Club and its activities.

Please Note: Membership forms need to be completed and signed before membership registration can be uploaded to Sailing Australia (formally Yachting Australia) web site. Payment is not sufficient. If forms are not completed and paid by 30th September, personal risk insurance provisions will lapse. Sailing Australia have advised that 1 December is deadline for membership renewals to be finalised (so please submit your forms)

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Jervis Bay Sailing Club conducts races at Callala Bay on Saturday afternoons throughout the sailing season, from the October long weekend to the end of May, inclusive. Briefings are at 1:00pm and races start at 1:30pm.

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Additional Frostbite Series races are held on the first Saturday of every month during winter off season, briefings are at 1:00pm and races start at 1:30pm. The club also hosts Special Events and Championships - see Special Events for details.

All off-the-beach dinghies, catamarans and smaller Trailer Sailers are welcome. Visitors are most welcome. Just come to the rigging area and introduce yourself! To join the club and start racing please complete: Contacts:
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=> Geoff Carne, Commodore
   Telephone: 0414 267 299
=> Steven Lymbery, Secretary / Treasurer
   Telephone: 0400 104 451

We are located near the Callala Bay Boat Ramp. The street address is 42 Boorawine St, Callala Bay, NSW, which is approximately 3 hours from Sydney and Canberra.

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